Why Press Release Is Still Important In 2019?

The basic aim of Search Engine Optimization is to upgrade the ranking of a particular website. Doing so makes it easily approachable by the users on the commonly used search engines. Well, the relation of a press release with this aim has maintained its importance even in the year 2019. If you have a website and you are trying to do your level best to make it SEO friendly; Press Release is surely something that can help you out with the branding of your workpiece.

History of the Relation between Press Release and SEO

We’ve tracked down the dependency of the two above-mentioned terms in the past five years. The conclusion states that the Press Release played quite an essential role in determining the SEO ranking of a website on leading search engines like Google. The reason for this particular effect was the influence on the determination of SEO rankings because of the number of links which were there for a specific website or a page.

This was almost 5 years back. After a while, the marketing specialists started taking advantage of this feature. They started producing numerous links even of the most irrelevant contents to boost up the rankings.

This, hence lead to the change in the ranking algorithm which minimized the effect of the number of links on the ranking of a website. A result of this was that the press release companies hid their unnecessary links from the search engines.

Present Scenario of the Relation between Press Release and SEO

One thing to remember is that irrespective of the reduction in the value of the links in determining a ranking of a website, it still holds some value. It even contributes to overall growth. Hence, releasing your website links or page links on press distribution services you can gain some good amount of response through it. Whenever you plan a press release, what can help you do the trick is that you can make your readers or visitors aware of the release through various mediums. You can use social media platforms or emails to ensure that your followers know that you will be posting a press release soon. You can even add the URLs of the release on such platforms to redirect the readers.

How Press Release Can Boost Up Your Search Engine Optimization?

Below are a few important points which will give you clarity as in how to use Press Release in order to affect your search engine optimization even in the current year 2019:

  • Smart Media Targeting: The key to a good press release is not by doing it through numerous reporters. The smartness is by doing it through a single reporter itself who has a reach to your target audience and knows particularly about the subject of your release.
  • Fulfill all the necessary Search Engine Specifications: SEO friendly websites have to keep in mind that the content they use is as per the criteria which boost up the ranking of the content. Smart use of keywords, bold and understandable headings, relevant and reliable information, the outlook of your text and website as a whole etc. All of this is what will drag the attention of the SEO experts to your website.
  • Try getting Optimum Quality External Links: Once there is good and reliable content on your page/website, numerous reputed sites will try linking with you. Hence, whenever you are writing a press release, formulate it in such a manner that it catches attention. Also, ensure that it adds interest of the reader and compels him/her to share it further.
  • The Regularity of Posts: This is one very important factor which you should keep under consideration. High SERP rankings require regularity of posts and relevant content on the website. If you fail to post regular releases for your website, you can actually go really low in the rankings of your website. You can set a particular day or time to schedule a press release for your website. You can ensure that you upload new posts or releases at least thrice weekly if you are seeking for a considerable rank.

Hence, these are a few key points which can help you increase your website’s popularity and relevance by using the Press Release.

Benefits of Press Release on SEO Ranking of a Website

As discussed above, the change in the Google Algorithm has reduced the impact of press releases on a website’s SEO ranking. But what you should not ignore is the fact that the indirect benefits of the same have emerged which is usually left unnoticed. The direct impact might have gone down undoubtedly. But the indirect value of a press release marks a deep impact on the SEO ranking of a website/page.

You should write a release which is on point and highly impacting. It is more likely that the newspapers or the media channels are going to choose it and highlight it to a remarkable extent. If that happens, your website/page will gain a lot of attention and popularity in no time.

Below are a few listed benefits of press release other than the ones mentioned above:

  • Backlinks formation happens naturally.
  • Visibility of your website/page on popular search engines.
  • Recognition of your brand.
  • Increase in referred traffic.

Thus, you can make the press releases a part of your overall SEO strategy. This will help you to put up an impactful website and to gain reputed popularity amongst your target audience. Press releases also help a lot in increasing the authority of your website.

Ending Note:

If you aim to put up a good business, it is essential to get popular and to ensure the awareness of your existence amongst your audience. Social media marketing and email marketing do help to some extent but nothing can beat the impact of a press release when it comes to exposure of a brand name.

Hence, an authentic press release should hold great content stating the truth and reliable facts. The presentation should be in an attractive manner. It is exactly what media people are hunting for.

by Nancy Khosla

IZPO Marketing

Why Updating You Website Content Constantly is Important for SEO?

There are a few things from which you should have at least some or all in your digital marketing strategy. These things are blogs, email marketing, and social media profiles. But one thing about which there is no question at all is a website. Your website is your loudspeaker which helps you shout out information about yourself. It is also your shop front decoration which attracts passers-by. There is little or no debate about what we said so far. But many people feel that a well-made website is good enough and one should not fix something which ain’t broken. We beg to differ. We feel that in order to optimize your website, you must continually churn the content and update it. Here are six reasons why.

1. Increase Useful Visitors:

The goal of SEO for a website is to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs). But the reason for wanting a better rank is to get more visitors. That can hardly be achieved if the content is around three months old. You might get visitors, of course, but they will quickly bounce away when they see that there is nothing new from their previous visit. Even from SEO ranking perspective, the search engine crawlers can make out if there is no new content. That is why it is imperative that your content should keep getting updated. If you are into ecommerce, you must have fresh collections displayed frequently. If your website is more about content where you share information or opinions, then you need fresh writings. Some people also update older blogs or content with the latest data or development. Whatever strategy you adopt, the churn must be recurrent.

2. Stay Trendy:

Think of some websites which you used to visit a decade back and try to imagine the frame designs and content layout they had. Website layouts have undergone sea changes over the years. Nowadays the frames and navigation for websites are quite different from what they were a decade back. For example, many websites have adapted parallax scrolling effects for a better UX. Blogs nowadays usually have a masonry grid for the list of their posts. So, you see, it is not just content that you need to update on your website. The way you present that content to visitors can also be updated. This might not make an impact on the rankings, but it will give a better experience to the visitor. That way the visitor will keep coming back for more.

3. Frequent Indexing:

So far we spoke of two ways in which the visitor would find your website more interesting. But apart from visitors, you also need to keep the search engines happy. The tools used by search engines are called web crawlers. Based on the algorithms put in place from time to time, these web crawlers index your website. The indexation is a process that happens every time there is new content on your website. So every time you are updating the web content, you are encouraging the web crawlers to index your web pages.

4. Domain Authority:

Getting backlinks to authority websites is one of the aims of search engine optimization. As you begin getting backlinks, you also begin your journey towards becoming a domain authority yourself. That would be the stage when other websites would be keen to get backlinks from you. But that journey to becoming a domain authority can’t begin unless you post regular content. Also, the respect for your knowledge will persist and increase only if you are seen as updated. Imagine your blog comes up on the first page of a SERP, but it is dated 2015. Many visitors are less likely to consider you a domain authority when they see that. They would be more inclined to believe an article written in 2019. Stay relevant by posting regular content.

5. Stay Useful:

There is no doubt that a visitor reaches your website because of the promise of something useful. This utility is not only served by posting new content regularly. Yes, new content does help to keep things fresh. But if you update your content regularly, it also helps you to keep earlier content useful. There could be simple errors of spelling and grammar which had gone unnoticed. Or some technical process you had written about might have been replaced by a new process. There could have been a change in the laws (think GDPR) which might need you to change the content. Keeping your website content accurate, relevant, and useful will bring in repeat visitors.

6. Mend Broken Links:

If you are a visitor to a website, broken links could be the most frustrating thing you would encounter. What happens is that you might have added a link to an external website (or even another page of your own website). But that target website or webpage might no longer exist. This 404 error is very irritating to a visitor. Instead of navigating back, the visitor might simply close the window and move on. When you go in to update your website, it affords you a chance to repair such broken links. There are a number of tools available on the internet for this purpose. They allow you to check for broken links without actually having to click on each website. When you locate broken links, it also provides you an excuse to come up with new content to replace that link.


We touched upon the 6 reasons we felt were most important to update your website regularly. There are several other reasons as well, like keeping compliant to law and also keeping pace with changes in your own company. Getting repeat visitors is another important reason. If you don’t have fresh content, someone who has visited earlier won’t repeat. Most webmasters pursue different SEO techniques for their website. Many business owners hire agencies for doing the same. But most of us tend to ignore this simple step that is completely in our hands. We just need to come up with new updates for our website to ensure that our website is perfectly optimized.

by Nancy Khosla

IZPO Marketing

Reasons Why SEO is Important for Your Business

Search engine optimization is often used as a buzzword in the realm of digital marketing. Sadly, this status of “buzzword” is often why businesses dismiss it as something trivial. In truth, SEO is probably the single most important thing on the Internet that businesses must focus upon.

But what makes SEO so important for businesses? Let’s take a look:

1. Visibility:

The primary reason why businesses need to have SEO is website traffic. Just pure, heavy traffic can do wonders for your business – strength in numbers, remember? Good SEO ensures that your business ranks high in the search engine ranking pages (SERPs) with their relevant keywords. The general user trend is to “never go on Page 2”, so being visible on the first page automatically guarantees that a lot of users would visit your business website. Ignoring everything else, just this traffic can exponentially improve your reach. In many ways, good SEO can bring you more visibility than any other form of marketing. For a small business, being visible is crucial in expanding its user base; SEO can be a boon for them.

2. Credibility:

Building credibility in the eyes of the customers is as hard as building a brand. More often than not, potential customers tend to ignore a company if they think it is not credible enough, no matter how good their product/service is. Credibility doesn’t build overnight; there is a lot of work involved in creating that authority. Although there are more ways to create authority, Google search results are often an important metric. In the eyes of an internet surfer, a business on the first-page results must be quite credible if it is so high in the Google search results. On the contrary, web pages on the later SERPs must be shady, or why wouldn’t Google show them first? Search engine optimization ensures that your business ranks high in the search results, thus ensuring credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

3. Local Market Engagement:

Most search engines today make a distinction between global and local users. This distinction can be very useful for businesses. “Local” users are simply users who are in the vicinity of your business. Local SEO is a type of SEO aimed at targeting these local users. This is usually done by keywords that the local users would tend to use, backlinks to other local websites etc. Google particularly allows businesses to exploit this distinction between local and global users; with the use of local SEO, businesses (especially small and medium ones) can get greater local engagement and build a customer base.

4. Return on investment (ROI):

Marketing and advertisement generally consume the most capital in businesses other than the actual cost of production. But more often than not, the ROI is not impressive enough. Businesses spend huge money on paid advertisements only to realize that they are not reaching far enough. On the other hand, SEO has a much higher ROI. This is largely because SEO costs a lot less compared to advertising and marketing. However, it is also because SEO is a lot more targeted. Only people interested in your niche or sector would bother searching about it, and your position in the top results would ensure that they visit you. This also eliminates all the wrong demographics which are often unintentionally targeted by advertising campaigns and increase the costs.

5. Better User Experience:

Businesses constantly strive to provide a better user experience in anything they do. After all, better UX means more satisfied users and loyal customers. But quite often these solutions do not solve anything at all. SEO, however, improves UX in a single, direct way. Most users today tend to use Google as a personal assistant instead of a search engine. They tend to not only search for businesses but also the services, features, and reviews of those businesses. With good SEO you can allow Google to provide all these answers to users on their search results page. With the correct use of SEO, search engines can index certain parts of a webpage and use it as metadata in response to search queries. Not only does it further increase your traffic but also provides a better UX to users by providing them with the exact information they want.

6. SEO is always Up-to-date:

The market has never been more dynamic before. Every day something new happens, and even a single event has the potential to change the way market works. As the competition gets stiffer, the methods to reach customers become obsolete faster than ever. Be it advertising, social media marketing or public relations – companies are often late to realize that their existing tactics are no longer relevant. But with SEO, this is never the issue. Google search algorithms are probably one of the most fickle things in the universe, continuously changing over a matter of days. Fortunately, this is matched by the rate of SEO updates. Any changes made to the search engine algorithm are almost immediately reflected in the SEO strategies. Thus, SEO ensures that there is at least one front where businesses can always keep up with times.

7. Low Cost, Long Effects:

Like we said before, one of the reasons why SEO has such a high ROI is its low cost. In fact, if business owners are proficient with SEO, it practically costs nothing to use SEO on their website. Despite the low cost, SEO gives some long-term benefits. In its core, SEO is a long-term strategy. While it is entirely possible to see some positive impacts in the first few months of using it, the real power of SEO lies with time. No matter how much search engine algorithm or SEO strategies change, the impact of using even basic SEO would resonate and continue to benefit your business for years. In fact, when done continuously over the years, the impact would likely grow exponentially.


Search engine optimization is certainly much more than a buzzword. When used correctly, it can do wonders for a business. All you need to do is recognize its potential for your business.


by Nancy Khosla

IZPO Marketing

Why is the First Page of Google Listing So Important for Your Business?

Anyone who has dealt with search engine optimization has definitely heard a lot about reaching the first page of Google listing. It is like a Holy Grail of SEO where every website strives to reach. But why exactly is it so important? Most businesses wonder the same and often discard it as too much trouble for too little. But to be honest, it is anything but “too little”. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of the first page Google listing for your business:

1. More visibility:

Most users can tell at least one website on the first page of any search query they often use. How many can tell a website on the second page of the same query? Numbers suggest that less than 3 percent of users ever bother to go to the second page of search results. This means that there are an overwhelming number of potential customers that would be missed if you fail to appear on the first page of Google listing. That is why SEO works in multiple fields simultaneously to ensure that you find yourself in that narrow, sweet spot. From outbound links, SEO keywords, and social signals to the length, quality, and title of content – a lot of factors play a role in reaching the first page. But when you do, you find yourself visible to an exponentially larger pool of users.

2. More Traffic:

It is natural that the more visible you are, the more traffic you will get. But the numbers are astounding. Some studies show that more than 36 percent of the traffic on any search query is hopped by the top 5 websites alone! This means that out of the millions of search results, every third person tends to go with the first 5 ones. Not just that, but websites on the first page get, for example, 10 times more traffic than ones on page seven. This is why making it on the top is so important. Traffic is one of the most crucial metrics in judging the success of any business online. Sometimes, it is even the end goal. More traffic often translates into more customers. By making it to the first page, you are simply giving a huge boost to your website traffic.

3. New Opportunities:

As a business owner, particularly small business, one of your top priorities is always to expand your customer base and search for new opportunities. But how exactly does someone do that? There is an array of marketing tactics that aim to create new customers, but appearing among the top search results is perhaps the most interesting one. Why? For starters, it gives users a sense of power and control. Instead of the business approaching them (like in advertisements), this time they approached the business (through the search query). Consistently appearing in the top results also compels users to become familiar with the brand easily. The best thing is that SEO is a long-term strategy, so these new opportunities would continue to present themselves as long as you can maintain yourself on the first page of Google listing.

4. Creates Credibility:

Your rank on the search results page speaks volumes of your credibility – at least in the mind of the users. Thanks to the Internet being only a recent phenomenon, people are still generally skeptical of what they see online. Especially in cases of businesses that have just begun and/or are not very well-known, users would usually try to avoid them. This skepticism is not unfounded either since there are indeed a lot of scammers on the Internet and Google search algorithm is designed to eliminate or at least push back such websites. In any case, there is a direct proportion between Google rank and credibility of a business. Hence, appearing on the first page of Google listing automatically gives you authority and allows users to trust you more easily.

5. Saves Money:

As we can probably deduce, SEO is quite cheap. While basic SEO can be done by anyone and is virtually free, even the advanced SEO that ensures first page rankings doesn’t cost much either. Compared to this, the benefits are huge. Like we mentioned in a previous point, appearing among the top results is a huge marketing advantage. It opens you to new potential customers and does all that organically (which is better, because users hate paid advertisements). The effectiveness of this is quite greater than other marketing strategies. At the same time, the cost is much, much lower. In simple words, appearing on the first page of SERP can save your business a lot of money.

6. Branding:

Like credibility, branding is hard to build. Branding is nothing but the cumulative effect of many factors which concludes in a single thing: the name of your business being enough to sell products/services. But brands are not built overnight. Even if you find success right now, it does not necessarily mean that people will buy your product/service next time on your word alone. So while building a brand is slow and tedious, being on the first page of SERP can aid in it a lot. Like credibility, branding too requires a lot of trust by the users. And like we said earlier, being deemed worthy to be among the top results on a search page is like wearing an “I am trustworthy” badge.

7. Paves Path for Top Rank:

Reaching the first page also opens the ultimate prize to you i.e. reaching the top. Being among the first three results can drive at least a tenth of the total traffic (for that specific keyword) towards you. While the benefits of being on the first page and being on the top are virtually the same, except in the extent of it. Reaching the top increases the visibility, credibility and, traffic to a significant extent. But all of that is possible only when you are able to reach the first page of Google listings.


As you must have realized, reaching the first page of Google listing might be tough and tedious, but it is worth every bit of effort for your business.


by Nancy Khosla

IZPO Marketing