Ways to Make Quick Money Online

Are you in need of quick money? Do you feel pumped and ready to start to earn extra money online? If you’re looking for ways to make quick money online, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of ways so that you can finally make your 2018 the year you pay off your debt as you begin a better life financially. Choose the best way that fits your needs and start something that will help you financially in the virtual world.

  1. Virtual Lottery

Have you heard of the free app called Luckrastic? It releases new assortments of digital scratch-off tickets daily and you can win several prizes ranging from $1 up to $10,000. Aside from this, you can also win and earn tokens, play several games as well as enter different contests.

  1. Online Surveys

It is increasingly becoming more popular to students to wants to make money by filling out online surveys during their spare time. Numerous research companies recruit new members to test new products as well as answer different surveys. For just a few minutes of your time, you can now make some couple of quid which is paid either via cash or rewards. Among the few good ones you’ll want to try to include Global Test Market, iPoll, Opinion OutPost and Branded Surveys. You can also sign up for Swagbucks and they will reward you for surveys and by surfing the web, playing games and watching videos.

  1. What’s in your fridge?

Did you know that there are companies that are willing to pay just to know what’s in your fridge? Companies such as Nielsen Consumer Panel will send you a free app scanner or you can also use your own smartphone. Just simply scan the barcodes of the product while you’re shopping and then send that data off to NCP. Once you’re an active participant, you can earn several gift points to redeem numerous merchandise items that range from electronics, toys for kids and even household items. There will be more opportunities for you to earn points as you stay longer on the panel. You can even win a vacation trip or a brand new vehicle just by scanning product barcodes.

  1. Sell anything virtually

If you think your shelves and closets are packed to the brim with things you won’t use anymore, then you can sell them virtually. Free apps such as Letgowill let you do the selling for you. Just simply snap a photo of your item, upload it online and wait for buyers to check your stuff. It will remove lots of hassle of selling things online plus, it is 100% free.

  1. Part-time bookkeeping

Few of the perks of working as an online bookkeeper is to earn few buckets, having the freedom to work remotely while helping others succeed. In part-time bookkeeping, all you need are some computer skills and a passion for helping business owners in tackling their own real-world problems. Part-time bookkeeping is perfect for stay at home moms and college students who want to make real money by working from home.

  1. Online Market Trading

The world of stock market investing and currencies have been known worldwide. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a fat cat or to fun all the yachts of Wolf of Wall Street-style stockbrokers. Now, you can do them all by yourself using the help of online market trading platforms. Different platforms such as eToro and Plus500 both offer free practice accounts that you can use to start your experiment in the world of investing virtually.

  1. Downloading apps

Believe it or not, there are companies who’ll actually pay you just by downloading apps on your phone or computer. By keeping them installed on your smartphone, you’ll get paid again each month as long as the app is installed on your smartphone. Several apps you checked out that offer this include MobileXpression for Android and SavvyConnect.

  1. Data Entry

Although doing data entry cannot be considered as the best paying job, still, this is something you can do with just a few skills or no previous experience whatsoever. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection. With a cup of coffee on your side, find that online data entry jobs that will help you earn several buckets. Among the freelancing sites you can check include Clickworker and Smart Crowd.


Have you found the one that will suit your needs among the items listed above? We hope that the abovementioned list will help you as you start your journey in making money virtually. There are many other ways to make quick money online. You can even share your own ideas in the comments.

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