Why is the First Page of Google Listing So Important for Your Business?

Anyone who has dealt with search engine optimization has definitely heard a lot about reaching the first page of Google listing. It is like a Holy Grail of SEO where every website strives to reach. But why exactly is it so important? Most businesses wonder the same and often discard it as too much trouble for too little. But to be honest, it is anything but “too little”. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of the first page Google listing for your business:

1. More visibility:

Most users can tell at least one website on the first page of any search query they often use. How many can tell a website on the second page of the same query? Numbers suggest that less than 3 percent of users ever bother to go to the second page of search results. This means that there are an overwhelming number of potential customers that would be missed if you fail to appear on the first page of Google listing. That is why SEO works in multiple fields simultaneously to ensure that you find yourself in that narrow, sweet spot. From outbound links, SEO keywords, and social signals to the length, quality, and title of content – a lot of factors play a role in reaching the first page. But when you do, you find yourself visible to an exponentially larger pool of users.

2. More Traffic:

It is natural that the more visible you are, the more traffic you will get. But the numbers are astounding. Some studies show that more than 36 percent of the traffic on any search query is hopped by the top 5 websites alone! This means that out of the millions of search results, every third person tends to go with the first 5 ones. Not just that, but websites on the first page get, for example, 10 times more traffic than ones on page seven. This is why making it on the top is so important. Traffic is one of the most crucial metrics in judging the success of any business online. Sometimes, it is even the end goal. More traffic often translates into more customers. By making it to the first page, you are simply giving a huge boost to your website traffic.

3. New Opportunities:

As a business owner, particularly small business, one of your top priorities is always to expand your customer base and search for new opportunities. But how exactly does someone do that? There is an array of marketing tactics that aim to create new customers, but appearing among the top search results is perhaps the most interesting one. Why? For starters, it gives users a sense of power and control. Instead of the business approaching them (like in advertisements), this time they approached the business (through the search query). Consistently appearing in the top results also compels users to become familiar with the brand easily. The best thing is that SEO is a long-term strategy, so these new opportunities would continue to present themselves as long as you can maintain yourself on the first page of Google listing.

4. Creates Credibility:

Your rank on the search results page speaks volumes of your credibility – at least in the mind of the users. Thanks to the Internet being only a recent phenomenon, people are still generally skeptical of what they see online. Especially in cases of businesses that have just begun and/or are not very well-known, users would usually try to avoid them. This skepticism is not unfounded either since there are indeed a lot of scammers on the Internet and Google search algorithm is designed to eliminate or at least push back such websites. In any case, there is a direct proportion between Google rank and credibility of a business. Hence, appearing on the first page of Google listing automatically gives you authority and allows users to trust you more easily.

5. Saves Money:

As we can probably deduce, SEO is quite cheap. While basic SEO can be done by anyone and is virtually free, even the advanced SEO that ensures first page rankings doesn’t cost much either. Compared to this, the benefits are huge. Like we mentioned in a previous point, appearing among the top results is a huge marketing advantage. It opens you to new potential customers and does all that organically (which is better, because users hate paid advertisements). The effectiveness of this is quite greater than other marketing strategies. At the same time, the cost is much, much lower. In simple words, appearing on the first page of SERP can save your business a lot of money.

6. Branding:

Like credibility, branding is hard to build. Branding is nothing but the cumulative effect of many factors which concludes in a single thing: the name of your business being enough to sell products/services. But brands are not built overnight. Even if you find success right now, it does not necessarily mean that people will buy your product/service next time on your word alone. So while building a brand is slow and tedious, being on the first page of SERP can aid in it a lot. Like credibility, branding too requires a lot of trust by the users. And like we said earlier, being deemed worthy to be among the top results on a search page is like wearing an “I am trustworthy” badge.

7. Paves Path for Top Rank:

Reaching the first page also opens the ultimate prize to you i.e. reaching the top. Being among the first three results can drive at least a tenth of the total traffic (for that specific keyword) towards you. While the benefits of being on the first page and being on the top are virtually the same, except in the extent of it. Reaching the top increases the visibility, credibility and, traffic to a significant extent. But all of that is possible only when you are able to reach the first page of Google listings.


As you must have realized, reaching the first page of Google listing might be tough and tedious, but it is worth every bit of effort for your business.


by Nancy Khosla

IZPO Marketing

Posted in Businesses Help.

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